Who Is This Service For? 


The IEP Roadmap is for parents who have some idea of where they want to go with their child's educational program, but need an experienced navigator to help them map out the best route to that destination. For example, you might be wondering if you should request an independent educational evaluation (IEE) or a change in your child's educational placement. Or perhaps you would like to increase your child's services in one or more areas, but you anticipate or have already faced roadblocks in requesting a change to the IEP.

Similar to the Strategy Session, your IEP Roadmap service includes a records review followed by an in-person consultation. But it goes into a bit more depth by including a FERPA request if necessary, followed by a review and analysis of key education records identified by your attorney, and a 90-minute meeting to discuss her case analysis and answer your questions. You'll also receive a written Action Plan after the meeting, so you can focus on the discussion without worrying about taking notes or remembering everything on the spot.

What Exactly Is Included In This Service?

Attorney Dunn will help you obtain a complete and up to date copy of your child's education records, typically by way of a FERPA request. She will then organize the records in a format that's easy for you to understand and helps you quickly reference key data points. Your attorney will identify and flag the most important records so you know what to focus on. Equally important here is the step of determining which documents may be missing from the FERPA records, and following up to make sure they're obtained from the school district.

By cross-referencing your child's records with the information you provide in the Parent Questionnaire, Attorney Dunn will determine the crucial issues that need attention during your 90-minute in person or online meeting. This laser focus will also allow time for the questions you bring to the meeting, as well as those that will inevitably pop up during the course of the discussion.

After the meeting, you'll receive a written Action Plan that outlines the essential issues, summarizes your discussion with reference to the pertinent records, and provides concrete action steps to get you to your destination. The end product is a literal road map for your child's IEP.

How Do I Get Started?

The process starts by providing your name and email on the Contact page, so that you can receive your Parent Questionnaire. Your detailed responses will help Attorney Dunn determine if the IEP Roadmap service is right for you, or if perhaps the shorter format Strategy Session would be more appropriate. She will then email you an Engagement Letter with instructions on how to book your service and make your payment. There is no commitment, and no attorney-client relationship formed, until you submit your signed Engagement Letter along with the fee.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Each Special Education M.A.P. service is provided on a flat fee basis, paid in advance when you return your signed Engagement Letter. Current fee information is included in the Welcome Email you'll receive when you enter your name and email on the Contact form. There is no obligation or fee incurred for submitting your completed Parent Questionnaire; you can choose whether or not to move forward after reviewing the Engagement Letter.


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