The 360 Due Process Prep is a service for parents who have utilized their IEP Roadmap, but need an attorney to interface with the school district or its attorney in order to achieve the desired outcome for their child. It's called a Due Process Prep because, at this stage, we assume that you will need to move forward with an impartial special education due process hearing in order to reach your goals. A resolution of your case may still be possible, or even likely, without actually moving forward with the hearing. Nonetheless, we hit the ground running with every step engineered toward optimizing your case for litigation.

The 360 Due Process Prep Includes the Following Legal Services:

  • Triage meeting or phone call to discuss new developments, prioritize tasks, and determine any immediate action required;

  • Updated FERPA records request and document analysis, if necessary;

  • Preparation of a parent concern letter, sent by your attorney to the school district's representative to communicate expectations;

  • Attendance at one PPT meeting, if appropriate (subject to travel expenses);

  • Phone calls and emails as necessary to communicate with opposing counsel and outside professionals involved in your child's case, and to keep the Client apprised of important case developments;

  • Preparation of a special education complaint/request for impartial due process hearing;

  • Meeting in person or online to review your draft complaint, discuss any resolution options, and set a course of action that best meets the Client's needs. 


What's NOT Included in the 360 Due Process Prep?

  • This service does not include the actual filing of the draft complaint.  If the Client and her attorney agree that requesting a due process hearing is the optimal course of action, the Client may choose to either (a) sign a new Engagement Letter retaining her Special Education M.A.P. attorney to represent her in the due process proceeding; or (b) take the draft complaint or complaint outline, if applicable, and choose to pursue the due process matter pro se (self-represented) or with a different law firm or attorney. The 360 Due Process Prep service is designed to transfer seamlessly to another professional who can step in and, at a glance, understand the issues involved and action taken to date on your case.

  • Mediation is available to parents and school districts, with or without the filing of a due process hearing request, as a potential way to resolve special education disputes without protracted litigation. If you and your attorney agree that mediation is a worthwhile option in your case, a new Engagement Letter must be signed for this purpose. In all cases involving mediation, we prepare the case to proceed to a due process hearing in the event that the case is not resolved at mediation.

  • In the majority of special education cases, independent professionals such as psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and reading specialists (to name only a few) must become involved as evaluators, consultants or other types of service providers. Your legal fees do not include the cost of retaining these professionals or paying for their services. In addition, your attorney may ask that these outside professionals be available to testify at a due process hearing; your legal fees do not include any expert witness fees, which the Client must pay separately.

I'm a Former or Existing Client. How Do I Get Started with My 360 Due Process Prep?

  • Did we complete your IEP Roadmap within the past 3 months? If so, please email Attorney Dunn directly to determine availability. If appropriate, you will then receive an Engagement Letter and review current fee information on this service.

  • Was your IEP Roadmap completed between 3 and 6 months ago? Using the contact form, send Attorney Dunn a message indicating your interest in this service. She'll be in touch to update your Parent Questionnaire and discuss whether the 360 Due Process Prep is right for your case.

  • IEP Roadmap services completed more than 6 months ago: Because so much can happen in a relatively short time, the 360 Due Process Prep is not available for matters older than six months. Please use the contact form to schedule a new Strategy Session or IEP Roadmap service.

360 Due Process Prep